Customise The Quick Access Toolbar

The Ribbon is easily accessible for most commands, but you can also add command shortcuts for easier access in the Quick Access Toolbar which is located in the top left corner of the Excel Workbook.

By default Excel 2013 will show the Quick Access Toolbar above the Ribbon.
Customise The Quick Access Toolbar

Alternatively you can display it below the Ribbon.
Customise The Quick Access Toolbar2

To do this right click anywhere on the toolbar and select Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon.
Customise The Quick Access Toolbar3


The default commands displayed are Save, Undo, and Redo. You can customise the Quick Access Toolbar by adding other commands that you use often.
There are several ways to add command buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar here are two examples.


Right-click the any command in the Ribbon and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
Customise The Quick Access Toolbar4


Click the down arrow at the right of the Quick Access Toolbar.
A drop down menu will be displayed with some additional commands that you might want to place in the Quick Access Toolbar.
To see more commands select More Commands… from the menu.
Customise The Quick Access Toolbar5

To add a new command using the Excel Options dialog box.
Select the command in the left column and click Add>>
or to remove a command from the Quick Access Toolbar
Select the command in the right column and click <<Remove
Customise The Quick Access Toolbar6

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