Display Day Name From A Date

Day From Date 01

If you need to get the day name (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.) from a date there are several options depending on your needs.
In this article we will show you a few examples on how you can do this.

Convert a date into a day name

If you want to convert a date value to a text value you can use the TEXT function with a custom number format like “dddd”.
The TEXT function converts values to text using the number format that you provide.
Note that date is lost in the conversion only the text for the day name remains.

The formula looks like this: (In this example the date we are converting is in cell B4)


or to display a short day reference (i.e. Thu) you can use

¬†=TEXT(B4,”ddd”) like the example in cell C3

Day From Date 01c1

Use the CHOOSE function for a more flexible result.

Using this method you can enter the weekday names you want to return as values.
WEEKDAY will extract a weekday number.
CHOOSE will use this number to return the nth value in the list.
This works because WEEKDAY returns a number 1-7 that corresponds to a given day of the week.
The formula looks like this: (In this example the date we are converting is in cell B5)


In this example we use the abbreviations S,M,T etc for the days but you can alter the day abbreviations to whatever you want.
Day From Date 02c

Custom Format

If you only want to display a day name you don’t need a formula you can use a custom number format.
Select the date.
Go to Format cells (Ctrl + 1)
Select Custom
Under Type enter one of these custom formats:
In this example
ddd will return Thu
dddd will return Thursday
Day From Date 03c

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