Display Formulas

Show / Hide Formulas

Display Formulas

You Can toggle between Excel’s normal display which shows the results of the formulas in the spreadsheet and a display mode that shows the actual formulas.
The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + tilde (tilde is this key: ~)
press it once, and Excel displays formulas instead of results. Press it again, and the results appear again.

You can also use the Show Formulas command under the Formulas tab rather than using the keyboard shortcut.
Display Formulas 2

Highlight All Formulas

To select all the cells on the worksheet that contain a formula.
Click on any empty cell.
Select the Home Tab.
Click Find and Select.
Click Formulas from the dropdown menu.
Display Formulas 3

If you would like to have these cells permanently highlighted add a light background colour while you have them selected.
Note: This action is not dynamic and if you delete or add another formula the shading will not change.

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