Dueling Excel 042

Lookup Picture In Excel Formula or VBA?


See Mr Excel and excelisfun lookup a picture in Excel. See a VBA solution and a Formula Solution using the INDIRECT function and named ranges. See many tricks in this video:
1.Data Validation List
2.Hiding Text with formatting
3.Named Ranges
4.Keyboard shortcut for Naming Create Name From Selection
5.Keyboard shortcut for Pasting a Name
6.Insert A Comment
7.Format a Comment (click outer edge)
8.Insert Picture in Comment
10.VBA to lookup a picture
11.Keyboard shortcut for VBA editor
12.Defined Name Formula
13.INDIRECT function to convert text that represents a reference into a reference
14.Put a formula in a picture
15.Paste Special Linked Picture (Camera Tool)
16.Checking Defined Name accuracy with Collapse Button
How do I Lookup a Picture In Excel VLOOKUP Lookup picture in Database using Excel
How do I use VLOOKUP to retrieve a picture?


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