Dueling Excel 113

Excel Truel: VLOOKUP Fun With Excelisfunner (Isaac 6 Years Old)


See Excelisfunner, Mr Excel and excelisfun do VLOOKUP and Data Validation List to select a kids name and pull up the bike they ride:
1. Data Validation List, Drop-down in cell to select names
2. VLOOKUP to lookup a kid’s name and return a bike.
3. Add Input Message to Data Validation List Drop Down List
4. Copy and Paste can break Data Validation List
5. IFFERROR to show a message when VLOOKUP can’t find name
6. Use FALSE in fourth argument to help VLOOKUP become more robust
7. Table feature for table of data to create dynamic ranges
8. See that Dynamic Range In Table can be accessed with Table Names or just a simply range

Isaac Excel at six 6 years old


Kid shows how to use Excel. 6 year old kid shows how to have fun with Excel.


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