Dueling Excel 138


NETWORKDAYS.INTL Amazing New “Any Weekend” Argument
Learn about amazing new feature in the NETWORKDAYS.INTL function for counting workdays that will accommodate any weekend scenario.

See counting workdays and Conditional Formatting for weekdays or weekend.

Weekend string values are seven characters long and each character in the string represents a day of the week, starting with Monday.
1 represents a non-workday and 0 represents a workday. Only the characters 1 and 0 are permitted in the string.
Using 1111111 will always return 0.
For example, 0000011 would result in a weekend that is Saturday and Sunday.

1 = Don’t Include in count.
1 = weekend.
0 = Include in count.
0 = workday.
in the weekend argument: TRUE = 1 = “Yes, it is a weekend”


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