Dueling Excel 141

Lookup 3 Items in 3 tables: VLOOKUP, LOOKUP, VBA, Array?


See Mr Excel and excelisfun in an epic back and forth duel (7 back and forths) try to figure out how to lookup three different items in three different tables and then multiply the three values (the first two parts will answer the question quickly), but then Mr Excel and Excelisfun start to imagine other near impossible ways to solve this problem and in the process discuss some interesting items:
1. 3 VLOOKUP functions and 3 lookup tables
2. 3 LOOKUP functions and 3 lookup tables
3. Can it be done with an array formula?
4. Array formula, but only 1 lookup table, Discuss function argument array operation
5. Can functions have more than 1 array in them?
6. VBA?
7. Some functions like SUMIFS and LARGE can have a “sort of” two arrays in them


Download “Dueling-Excel-141-150.zip” Dueling-Excel-141-150.zip – Downloaded 241 times – 185 KB

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