Excel 2013 Layout

For those of you who have worked with Microsoft Excel 2003, the first thing you will notice when using Microsoft Excel 2013 is that Microsoft has changed the standard toolbar into a ribbon interface. You will no longer see dropdown menus like in the 2003 version, instead you are faced an interface full of icons.

The Ribbon was actually introduced with Excel 2007 and has progressed more in the 2013 version of Excel. Instead of having to drill into multiple levels of toolbars to find the command that you need, the Ribbon brings your favourite commands out into the open and even allows you to discover some new commands you never knew existed.

Other changes include a lot more cells per worksheet in fact Excel 2013 now has 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns. There has also been more Functions added and the introduction of PowerPivot to Excel. We will explore more into all of these in the coming lessons.

Excel 2013 Ribbon

Worksheet Layout - Ribbon
Interface for common Excel functions and commands

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