Excel 2013 Power Query 02

Merge 3 Tables Into One in PowerPivot or Excel Table


See how to:
(00:32) Explain Data and how we will transform it
(01:35) Import Excel Table
(01:58) Remove unwanted columns
(02:10) Split Columns to remove unwanted Product ID data
(02:54) Remove column after split
(03:39) Import Text File
(03:49) Use First Row as Headers (because field names not interpreted correctly)
(04:25) Merge Tables to create relationship or VLOOKUP Helper Columns
(05:21) De-normalize table by adding two extra columns in Merge feature
(05:40) Rename columns
(05:48) Remove columns after merge is complete
(06:15) Load to Data Model
(07:11) Create Calculated Field with SUMX Dax Function to calculate Profit
(08:05) Create PivotTable with Slicer


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