Excel 2013 Power Query 06

Import Multiple Excel Files From Folder Into One Excel Table or Data Model


See how to use Power Query to import multiple Excel Files into an Excel Table or Data Model. Then see how easy it is to update the Table when new files are dropped into the Folder.
(00:10) Problem Setup
(01:03) Import Excel workbook files from Folder.
(01:40) Add new column using Excel.Workbook
(02:36) Add new column using Table.PromoteHeaders
(04:00) Edit Query after it is loaded. Change Data Types for columns.
(04:37) Create PivotTable with Slicer
(05:30) Add new files to folder.
(05:45) Refresh to see that new file data is included in PivotTable.


Download “Excel 2013 Power Query Videos 01-06” Excel-2013-Power-Query-Videos-01-06.zip – Downloaded 69 times – 71 MB

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