Excel 2013 Workbooks

Create A New Workbook

The following guide will show you how to create a blank workbook.

Create a new workbook

  • Click the File tab
  • Select New from the left menu
  • Click Blank workbook

Add A New Blank Worksheet

When you create a new workbook in Excel 2013 a single blank worksheet is added for you and named Sheet1.
This is different from previous versions of Excel where by default you were given three worksheets when you created a new workbook.

To add additional worksheets click the ± sign at the end of the last worksheet.
Add a new worksheet

Add More Worksheets Default Setting

By default Excel 2013 adds one blank worksheet when a new workbook is created.
To change this setting….

Click the File tab.
Options from the left menu.
The Excel options dialogue box will open.
In the General tab (which will be selected by default) go to the second group down When creating new workbooks.

This group has the default setting Excel uses each time a new workbook is created. To change the default number of sheets change the last option to whatever number of sheets you want Excel to display each time a new workbook is created.

Change new worksheet count default setting

Save A Workbook

When you are saving a workbook for the first time it is currently not saved anywhere on your hard drive which means the first time you click save you are redirected to the Save As command.


Select a folder destination for your workbook.
Name the workbook.
Click Save.

Now that you have the workbook saved in a location on the hard drive any future changes can be saved by using one of the following three ways:


 Click the Save icon in the Quick Access Toolbar


Save Click the File tab and select Save from the left menu.


Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S

Open A Saved Workbook

Click the File tab
Click Open from the left Menu


Recent Workbooks

Click the Recent Workbooks tab and you will see a list of the most recently opened workbooks. To open any of these workbook just click on the one you need.

If you hover over any of the workbooks in the Recent Workbooks menu you will see a pin icon. This will allow you to pin the workbook to the top of the menu making it always visible in the Recent Workbooks menu. To undo this action click the pin again.

One Drive

If you are signed into you Microsoft One Drive account this will be your default folder for saving workbooks. Click on One Drive to view files and folders in the drive.


If your workbook is stored in another folder click Computer and select Browse to navigate to the folder that contains the workbook that you want  to open.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Add new Worksheet
shift + F11

Open Workbook
Ctrl + O

Save Workbook
Ctrl + S

Close Workbook
Ctrl + W

Create a new Blank Workbook
Ctrl + N

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