Excel 2013 Worksheet Views

Excel 2013 has three main views

  • Normal
  • Page layout
  • Page Break View

In this lesson we will look at all three views. To access workbook views click on the View tab and the first group on the left you will see the Workbook Views group. Worksheet Views1 You can also use the View buttons on the bottom taskbar. Worksheet Views2

Normal View

This is the default view in Excel and the one most Excel users use all the time and are familiar with. Worksheet Views3

Page Layout

In Page Layout view you can see clearly what will be printed per page including Headers and Footers. You can still edit the worksheet in this view and use all the functions. If you click on Page Layout then click back to Normal view you will see that the page break margins stay visible.

Worksheet Views4

Page Break View

This view shows each page with a watermark to indicate the page number.
You can also edit the data in this view and use all the functions. Additionally you can move the Page Breaks to make the page larger or smaller.

Worksheet Views5

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