Excel Magic Trick 1129

Ageing Accounts Receivable Reports Using Slicer, Excel Table, Page Setup


See how to create Ageing Accounts Receivable Reports using Slicer, Excel Table Feature and formulas:
(00:09) Overview
(01:05) Text Formula For Reporting Categories in Lookup Table
(01:59) Days Late Formula. The correct formula for Days Late is: =TODAY()-D2
(02:26) Lookup Table
(03:26) VLOOKUP function For Reporting Categories in Transaction Table (Used For Slicer)
(04:33) Excel Table
(05:08) Slicer to Filter Report
(06:45) Page Setup

What is an Ageing Report?
Ageing means how many days past the due date the invoice is. Accounts Receivable Customers must pay their bill by a certain date, if they pay late, they would be listed in one of the ageing reports. If they are 1-30 days late, they are listed in the first report. 31-60, the second. And so on. Further, once the customer is so late, like 300 days, the company stops wasting its time trying to collect and writes the Accounts Receivables amount as “Bad Debt” and runs that expense through the Income Statement.


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