Excel Magic Trick 1169

Are Items In Row In Master List? Filter & Conditionally Format To Highlight


See how to Match Ingredients for a Drink with the data base for all drink ingregients:
(00:13) Problem Setup
(00:35) MATCH Function to Compare Two Lists: The Row as a Relative Reference and the Master List (Locked Absolute Range). This demonstrates a Function Argument Array Operation, and Array Formula that requires Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
(02:36) Rap COUNT around MATCH to count how many Matches.
(03:10) Use COUNTA to count how many items we are searching for and compare it to COUNT result using comparative Operator, Equal Sign
(03:40) Add IF and COUNTA to check to see when no items have been entered in Master List.
(05:15) Filter To Filter List
(05:40) Conditionally Format the Row when a Match is Made.

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