Excel Magic Trick 1211

Array Operations on Different Size Arrays & CHISQ.TEST Function


See how to:
(00:10) Problem Setup.
(01:20) Mixed Cell References to calculate Expected Frequencies
(03:20) Array Operations on Different Sized Arrays, and the Resultant Array. And discussion of Array Syntax. Curly Brackets house the array; Commas mean Column; Semi-colons mean Rows.
(03:20) CHISQ.TEST function can handle array operations with using the special key stroke: Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
(07:00) Example of array operation in AND function that requires the special key stroke: Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
CHISQ.TEST: For Chi-Square Test, it takes observed values and expected values and calculates the p-value that you compare to alpha. If all expected values Gtreater Than Or Equal To 5 and p-value Less Than Or Equal To Alpha, Reject H0 and Accept Ha, Otherwise Fail to Reject H0. Hypothesis Test to check whether or not 2 or more (3 or more) Population Proportions Are Equal.


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