Excel Magic Trick 1219

Paste Special Linked Picture so PivotTable is not Hidden When Filter Applied


Learn how to create a Linked Picture of a PivotTable:
(00:10) Problem Setup
(00:25) With a PivotTable next to a Filtered Data Set, If you Filter the Pivot Table disappears
(01:09) Move PivotTable to New Sheet
(01:37) Create Linked Picture of a PivotTable using Paste Special Linked Picture.
(02:04) Picture Updates when PivotTable is Filtered with Slicer!
(02:34) Change Fill to White in Picture so spreadsheet lines from background are not seen.
(03:01) Change Properties in Picture and Slicer to they do not disappear when Table is Filtered. “Doesn’t move or size with cells” setting.


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