Excel Magic Trick 1225


Learn how to:
(00:12) Introduction To Mail Merge with Excel and Word
(00:53) Convert Customer Data Table in Excel to an official Excel Table so that we can add new records and have formatting automatically appear with new records. Excel Table feature converts a static Excel table to a Dynamic Table which behaves like a real database.
(02:20) Connect Word Letter To Excel Table with Customer Data using Word Mailings Ribbon Tab, Select Recipients
(02:47) Remove Customers with a Zero Balance using Word Mailings Ribbon Tab, Edit Recipient List and the Drop Down Filter, Advanced Settings
(03:48) Add Address Block to connect Address Data From Excel Table to Inside SAdress area of Letter
(04:50) Look at Merged Field Code with Right-Click Method or Keyboard: Alt + F9
(05:33) Add Merged Fields to Letter for First Name, Last Name and Balance Due
(06:37) Add Formatting to Merged Field to Show Currency Number Format
(08:34) Finish Merge For Printing
(08:49) Finish Merge For E-mailing
(09:53) Test the Mail Merge and Excel Database Connection by changing data and seeing that the Mail Merge is totally Dynamic and Updates Perfectly!!
(10:54) Add New Records To Excel Table.


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