Excel Magic Trick 1285

OR Criteria & AND Criteria for Max & Min Calculations (5 Examples)


Learn how to calculate the MIN and MAX values when there is complex criteria that mixes OR Logical Tests and AND Logical Tests (OR Criteria and AND Criteria). See 5 examples:
(00:11) Introduction
(01:10) DMIN and DMAX functions
(03:33) MIN, MAX, IF, MATCH, ISNUMBER functions and array operations.
(09:02) Clipboard Trick to load up clipboard with formula elements
(09:37) AGGREGATE, MATCH, ISNUMBER functions and array operations.
(12:09) See that MINIFS & MAXIFS continue the long tradition of not allowing the criteria_range argument to perform array operations, just like SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS and the other “IFS” functions.
(13:59) MINIFS, MAXIFS, MIN, MAX and Function Argument Array Operations to enact OR Criteria in the MINIFS and MAXIFS functions!.
(16:59) AGGREGATE, MINIFS, MAXIFS, and Function Argument Array Operations.
(18:34) Summary


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