Excel Magic Trick 1289

Remove “USD” from CSV File Column of Numbers (6 Examples)


Why Doesn’t =ROW(1:LEN(A1)) Work?
Learn 6 methods to remove “USD” from a column of values such as $ 1.23 USD, $ 56.34 USD, etc. that resulted from multiple downloaded CSV Files, including Replace feature, Flash Fill, Helper Column Formula, Array Formula, Text To Columns, and Power Query:

(00:13) Problem Introduction
(00:37) How to Convert csv file to Excel file
(01:16) Method 1: Find and Replace feature
(01:56) Method 2: Flash Fill
(02:46) Method 3: Helper Column Formula that sues SUBSTITUTE function.
(04:19) Method 4: Array Formula that sues SUBSTITUTE & SUMPRODUCT function.
(07:19) Method 5: Text To Columns
(08:34) Method 6: Power Query to Import multiple files and remove “USD” all in one query. This method is updateable if you add new files to the folder. See Excel 2016 “Get & Transform” Group
(13:53) Summary

Remove “USD” from CSV File Values So I Can Add Numbers


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