Excel Magic Trick 1292

Power Query Unpivot into Proper Lookup Table to Score Myers-Briggs Test


Learn how to Score Myers-Briggs Assessment (Test) in Excel with Two Formulas based on a proper lookup table created with Power Query (Excel 2016 Get and Transform):
(00:12) Problem Introduction
(00:50) Use Power Query (Get and Transform in Excel 2016) to unpivot a rectangular lookup table into a proper lookup table with a unique identifier (unique list) in the first column. We will see how to take a Myers-Briggs Rectangular Score Table and unpivot it to create a proper lookup table for VLOOKUP.
(04:30) VLOOKUP lookup formula
(06:20) COUNTIFS formula to get final score.


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1281-1300.zip” Excel-Magic-Trick-1281-1300.zip – Downloaded 929 times – 4 MB

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