Excel Magic Trick 1337

No X-Y Scatter Chart From PivotTable!?!? Use Power Query Instead!!!


If you try to make X-Y Scatter Chart from PivotTable is will NOT work!!!!! See how to use Power Query to create the same output as a PivotTable in order to make an X-Y Scatter Chart:
(00:15) Introduction
(00:47) PivotTable to Adding Units by Day. But when we try to create an X Y Scatter Chart from PivotTable, we will get the error “You can’t create this chart type with data inside a PivotTable. Please select a different chart type, or copy the data outside the PivotTable”.
(02:35) Use Power Query to build PivotTable output, and then the X Y Scatter Chart will work perfectly!!
(05:30) Build X-Y Scatter Chart with Proper Labels.
(07:14) Summary


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