Excel Magic Trick 1353

Power Query: Extract Records w Merge Feature & Inner Join on Parameter Table


See how to use the Power Query (Get & Transform) Inner Join Merge Feature to Extract Records (Data) from an Excel Table based on Criteria from cells in an Excel sheet (Criteria in a Parameter Table):
(00:16) Introduction
(01:49) Convert Criteria for Data Extract to an Excel Table (Parameter Table), including adding Data Validation List to the cells in the Table.
(03:27) Import the Two Excel Tables into Power Query (Get & Transform) using From Table button
(04:54) Use Merge feature with an Inner Join to merge tables and extract desired records (data). Trick thanks to pmsocho at YouTube.
(08:15) Test with a single Condition
(09:10) Test with two Criteria and Refresh to get Extract Records. See an OR Logical Test
(09:59) Compare Advanced Filter Method of Extracting Records using an OR Logical Test
(12:00) Summary


Download “Excel-Magic-Trick-1341-1360.zip” Excel-Magic-Trick-1341-1360.zip – Downloaded 7128 times – 23 MB

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