Excel Magic Trick 1375

Add w OR Logical Test from 2 Different Columns in 2 Diff. Tables (6 Examples)


See how to:
(00:01) How to Navigate to sections of this video
(00:46) Introduction
(01:32) What is an OR Logical Test using OR Criteria
(02:30) Fundamental Problem with an OR Logical Test on Two Columns
(03:23) Conditional Formatting
(09:15) SUMIFS Helper Column
(13:35) DSUM Helper Column
(16:40) Array Formula No Helper Column. Functions: VLOOKUP, T, IF, SUMPRODUCT & LOOKUP.
(26:23) Power Query. Function: List.AnyTrue
(42:00) DAX Formula. DAX Functions: CALCULATE, FILTER, OR & VALUES.
(54:08) Summary


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