Excel Magic Trick 1387

Data Model & DAX Formulas: Quantity Frequency Distribution by Year & Country


See how to Create a Data Model with DAX Formula to build PivotTable Frequency Distribution with Conditional Formatting. Also learn how the Data Model and DAX Formulas work on Big Data:
(00:13) Introduction
(03:42) Build CountCategory Table in Excel. Learn about Table Formula Nomenclature in Excel Table.
(07:50) Build DAX Measure in Measure Grid to Calculate MAX Quantity
(09:36) Import CountCategory Table into Data Model
(10:05) Create Automatic dCalendar Table in Power Pivot
(11:14) Build Relationships Between Tables. Discussion “Filter Context” and of how Criteria from PivotTable filters Lookup Tables and how the “filter” flows across the Relationship to “filter the Fact table down to a smaller size, which helps DAX formulas to calculate quickly on Big Data.
(13:41) Build DAX Calculated Column in Fact Table to use in Relationship to CountCategory Table. Discussion of Columnar Database and how columns with a small number of unique values do not take up much RAM memory. See the CEILING DAX Function.
(18:01) Build PivotTable based on Data Model
(18:22) Sort Count Category Column by Upper Value Column so categories sort correctly in PivotTable
(20:04) Build DAX Measure Frequency Formula to count # transactions with specified quantity. Description of How Data Model and DAX Formulas calculate when criteria is applied in a PivotTable. See the COUNTROWS function.
(23:11) Finish Building PivotTable.
(23:51) Add Slicer to PivotTable
(24:58) Add Conditional Formatting to PivotTable
(26:03) Add Formatting to Dashboard
(27:48) Summary


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