Excel Magic Trick 1403

DAX Formulas: Explicit or Implicit Measures? Why Explicit is Better.


Learn about the difference between Explicit and Implicit DAX Measures:
(00:10) Introduction to Explicit and Implicit DAX Measures
(01:33) Create Implicit Measures and see these six problems: 1) Number Field will use SUM Function, 2) Text Field uses COUNT, 3) You can’t add Number Formatting to the Measure, 4) You can’t Reuse Formula, 5) You can’t change the name of the Measure, 6) If you right-click an Implicit Measure in the Values Area of the PivotTable you can change the “Summarize Values By”, but then it adds yet another Implicit Measure
(05:37) See how to show Implicit Measures in the Measure Grid.
(07:17) Create Explicit Measures and see these five reasons why we should use Measures: 1) You choose what functions go into your Measure, 2) You can name the Measure, 3) You can apply Number Formatting that will follow the Measure around when it is reused., 4) You can use the formula over and over., 5) You won’t have a bunch of extra Measures created by right-click, “Summarize Values By”.
(10:28) Summary


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