Excel Magic Trick 1407

Data Model & DAX Measures for Monthly Totals Report From Two Fact Tables


See how to calculate Monthly Totals for Sales from Daily Records and Ad Costs from Month Records using The Data Model, Two Fact Tables with a Relationships to Data Table, and Two DAX Measures. These are the same data sets from Excel Magic Trick 1405, but in this video we learn how to create Report using DAX Formulas.
(00:12) Introduction and comparison of formula method done in Excel Magic Trick 1405 and the DAX Formulas used in this video.
(02:19) Build Data Table
(05:01) Import Tables into Power Pivot Data Model and Build Relationships.
(07:06) Build DAX Measures
(09:10) Hide Fields From Client Tool
(10:00) Start to Build Data Model PivotTable and then Sort Month Name Column in Date Table by Month Number
(11:12) Build Report with DAX Measures
(11:35) Discussion of Filter Context in a PivotTable and how it works with DAX Measures
(12:29) Summary


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1406-1410” Excel-Magic-Trick-1406-1410.zip – Downloaded 118 times – 4 MB

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