Excel Magic Trick 1408

DAX Measure: Moving 12 Month Average on Daily Sales (DAX Formatter too)


See how to create a DAX Measures for Moving 12 Month Average on Daily Sales:
(00:15) Introduction and comparison to formulas created in Excel Magic Trick 1406.
(01:07) Discussion of Filter Context and how we must change it to get the DAX Formula to look 12 months backwards
(02:00) Look at Two Tables, Data Model and Relationships that have already been created.
(03:00) DAX Measure for Moving 12 Month Average on Daily Sales. See the DAX Functions: AVERAGE, CALCULATE, DATESINPERIOD, LASTDATE, MAX, MIN, IF, AND, and ALL.
(12:25) How to use DAX Formatter to format long DAX Code. This amazing web site from Marco Russo and Alberto Ferarri will automatically format your DAX Formula. Web address.
(13:48) Summary


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1406-1410” Excel-Magic-Trick-1406-1410.zip – Downloaded 144 times – 4 MB

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