Excel Magic Trick 1409

Build PivotTable From 2 Tables without Power Pivot or VLOOKUP


In Excel 2016, see how to create a relationship between two tables so that the PivotTable dialog box will list two tables that we can drag and drop fields from both tables to create our report. We will see how to do this without having Power Pivot installed
(00:14) Introductions
(01:25) Look at VLOOKUP and SUMIFS solution
(02:31) Look at Relationship button in Data Ribbon Tab
(03:03) Convert Tables to Excel Tables and name them
(03:37) Create Relationship
(05:29) Create PivotTable Report from Two Data Model Tables
(07:02) Summary, including looking at Relationship dialog box to prove that the Data Model has been accessed.


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1406-1410” Excel-Magic-Trick-1406-1410.zip – Downloaded 128 times – 4 MB

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