Excel Magic Trick 1427

DAX GEOMEANX function: Average Compounding Rate per Period for FV Calc


See how to use GEOMEANX and other DAX Formulas to calculate the Average Counpounding Rate per Period and a Future Value Calculation. Topics:
(00:13) Introduction
(01:09) Data Model Setup
(02:27) GEOMEANX DAX function to calculate Average Compounding Rate per Period.
(04:40) How DAX Formula Calculate on Filtered Tables
(05:19) COUNTROWS DAX function to count Number of Years for each investment
(05:55) What Happens When I Accidentally Drag a Table Column (Field) to Values Area of PivotTable and inadvertently create an Implicit Measure. See how to “Show Implicit Measures” and then Delete Implicit Formula.
(06:58) MIN DAX function to calculate the First Year of Investment
(07:29) DAX Formula to calculate Future Value of Initial Investment to get Current Investment Value for each type of investment
(09:48) Amend Formula so it does not show Grand Total Row with IF and HASONEVALUE DAX Function.
(11:29) Summary


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