Excel Magic Trick 1432

9 DAX Formulas to Build Confidence Intervals CONFIDENCE.T, STDEV.S…


See how to create nine DAX Formulas that build a Confidence Interval:
(00:13) Introduction to the Confidence Interval example, reference video about Statistics, and introduction to Data Model used in this video
(03:34) Formula 1: Average Number Printed Pages. See the DAX functions AVERAGE & ROUND
(04:41) Formula 2: Sample Size. See the DAX function COUNTROWS.
(06:29) Formula 3: Alpha. See the DAX function VALUES.
(07:51) Formula 4: Standard Deviation Number Printed Pages. See the DAX functions: STDEV.S & ROUND.
(09:35) Formula 5: Margin of Error. See the DAX functions: CONFIDENCE.T & ROUND
(12:23) Formula 6: Upper Limit for CI.
(12:53) Formula 7: Lower Limit for CI.
(13:10) Formula 8: Ad Claim 01. See the DAX functions: FORMAT & VALUES
(16:12) Formula 9: Ad Claim 02.
(17:05) Add IF & HASONEVALUE DAX Functions to each formula to hide formula in Grand Total Row.
(18:57) Summary


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