Excel Magic Trick 1440

OR Logical Test on 2 Columns using DAX IN Operator & DAX OR Function


See how to perform an OR Logical Test on Two Columns using the DAX IN Operator and the DAX OR Function. The goal is to create a Data Model PivotTable with Row Area Criteria that can flow into the DAX Measure for adding with on OR Logical Test on Two Columns. See the DAX Functions: CALCULATE, SUM, FILTER, ALL, IN, OR, and ROW. See how to use DAX Studio to Build & Format DAX Formulas, and to visualize DAX Formula elements to learn how the formula evaluated. Learn about using ALL Function on columns rather than the whole table in order to allow formula to iterate over a smaller number of rows. These formula work in Power BI Desktop and Excel Power Pivot.


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1436-1440” Excel-Magic-Trick-1436-1440.zip – Downloaded 557 times – 81 MB

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