Excel Magic Trick 1445

Single Cell Array Formula: Count Customer Names for 8 Sales Coupon Groups


See how to use Excel Formulas to analyze a group of customers who have been given coupons to three stores. Our goal is to create a single cell Array Formula that counts how many customers used coupons in one of eight coupon groups (all combinations of the three store coupons). See the Excel Spreadsheet Functions: SUM, MMULT, ROW, COUNTIFS and ISTEXT. Learn about how Array Formulas Work. Outline:
1) Each customer was given coupons to go to Wegmans, Publix, Trader Joe’s.
2) We have a list of Stores names.
3) We have a list of transactions for the coupon redemptions that lists purchases, customer name and store
4) Goal 1: Count Customers who visited a given set of stores.


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