Excel Magic Trick 1448

Conditional Formatting Formulas: Cell References To “Jump” To Next Template


See how to create Conditional Formatting for Truck Arrival Dates that shows Blue when truck in unloaded, green when it less than 2 days since arrival, yellow when it is 2 days since arrival and red if it has been more than 2 days since arrival. BUT: the main point on this video is to learn how to use the OFFSET Function, MOD and ROWS functions to create Conditional Formatting Logical Formulas that can be copied to a new template and always see the correct date at the top of the template. This means the conditional formatting can be copied to the side of below and it will always know to read the date at the top of the current Template.


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1441-1448” Excel-Magic-Trick-1441-1448.zip – Downloaded 826 times – 3 MB

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