Excel Magic Trick 1467

COUNTIFS or SUMPRODUCT for Complex Counting Formula? (3 Examples)


Learn about how to Count Open Projects by Day and Project Code, Including Empty Cells with the following Complex Criteria: 1) Start Date Less Than or Equal To Date AND 2) Start Date NOT Empty Cell AND 3) End Date Great Than Or Equal To Date OR End Date = Empty Cell AND 4) Project Code = Project Code. Learn about COUNTIFS and SUMPRODUCT functions and the elements that go into each function when there is comp-lex Criteria. Also learn about what the syntax is for “Not Empty Cell” and “Empty Cell” in the COUNTIFS function. Further, learn how to have both an AND Logical Test and an OR Logical Test in the SUMPRODUCT function and the COUNTIFS Function.
(00:11) Introduction
(03:35) SUMPRODUCT Function Formula.
(13:03) Two COUNTIFS Functions Formula
(20:14) SUMPRODUCT & COUNTIFS functions in same formula, with a Function Argument Array Operation in the COUNTIFS.
(25:36) Summary


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