Excel Magic Trick 1471

Array Formula: Add Daily Rainfall 5 AM to 5 AM Next Day: (Most Automatic)


In this video learn how to use Array Formulas to automate the reporting process for Rain Totals where the staring time for a day period changes.
(00:01) Introduction and description of reporting requirements
(02:08) Date and Time Number Formatting and Time Formula for Time Equivalent for Date Start Time.
(03:32) Count Unique Date Array Formula. See the functions FREQUENCY, SUM and INT. See two versions of this formula. One version converts positive numbers with the Logical Test Greater than Zero and a Double Negative. The other uses the SIGN Function.
(13:34) Array Formula to Extract a List of Unique Dates that assumes that we may not have a complete list of sequential dates, and there is a variable Start Time. See the functions AGGREGATE, ROW, ROWS, IF, SIGN, FREQUENCY, SUM and INT.
(26:02) Formula to add rain totals using SUMIFS & IF Functions and criteria based on the start date-time.
(28:39) Array Formula to Extract a List of Unique Dates that assumes we HAVE a complete list of sequential dates. See the functions, AGGREGATE, IF, ROWS and INT.
(34:09) Re-organise Order of Logical Tests in IF Function to create a more efficient formula.
(36:03) Add new data and test formulas and reporting system.
(36:50) Summary


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