Excel Magic Trick 1475

Power Query, Formula, Flash Fill: "1-PSD/AFX-12" into "12-AFX/PSD-1"


In this video learn how to rearrange a product code using Excel Spreadsheet Functions and Power Query Functions. Also see that Flash Fill does not seem to work. Learn the Power Query equivalent for LEFT, RIGHT and MID Functions.
(00:11) Introduction
(01:36) See an example of Flash Fill and how it does not seem to work
(03:04) See Excel Spreadsheet Formula that uses the Functions MID, RIGHT and LEFT.
(06:07) See Power Query (M Code Functions) Custom Column Formula that uses the Functions Text.End, Text.Middle and Text.Start.
(10:33) Summary


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1469-1481” Excel-Magic-Trick-1469-1481.zip – Downloaded 141 times – 4 MB

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