Excel Magic Trick 1482

SUMPRODUCT, DCOUNTA or SUM & IF for Counting with OR Logical Test


In this video learn how to Count with an OR Logical Test based on Three Columns. See a Pharmacy Data Set with Patient Data with the goal of counting how many patients are eligible for the service based on an OR Logical Test. The difficultly in this calculation is that we need to avoid Double Counting.
1. Introduction & Discussion of pitfalls of OR Logical Tests when there is the chance of Double Counting
2. Formula #1: SUM and IF Function Array Formula, which requires Ctrl + Shift + Enter
3. Formula #2: SUMPRODUCT Array Formula, which does not Require Ctrl + Shift + Enter
4. Formula #3: DCOUNTA database function, which is not an Array Formula but has an unusual Criteria Requirement.
5. Summary


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