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Power BI Desktop: Allocate Invoice Header Amounts To Transaction Line Item Table


In this video learn how to take Invoice Shipping and Discount Amounts from an Invoice Level (Header) Transaction or Fact Table and allocate those amounts to the Invoice Line Item Level Fact Table so we can use the Line Level Product Criteria (Filter) to create a Shipping and Discount Amount Report by Product. This is a typical business problem where the grain (granularity) of the two Transaction / Fact Tables is different and in order to use a filter or condition / criteria from the Line Level Transaction / Fact Table we must first allocate the Header Level amounts to the Line Level. In this video we use Power BI Desktop to allocate Header Invoice Level Amounts down to the Line Item Level Table using both DAX Formulas and Functions and Power Query Functions (M Code), then we create our Interactive Visualisations.


1. (00:06) Introduction

2. (01:04) Differences in Power BI Desktop & Power Pivot Excel

3. (01:21) What we need to do to Allocate the amount in Power BI Desktop & DAX

4. (03:23) See how to use Edit Queries to access Power Query (in Power BI Desktop) and Use Add Columns, multiply feature to create a Custom Column to calculate Line Sales in the Line Item Table using the Power Query Function (M Code) Table.AddColumn

5. (06:48) Sort a column in Power Query

6. (07:10) Add Invoice % Discount DAX Calculated Column in the Header Table using DIVIDE, SUMX & RELATEDTABLE DAX Functions

7. (9:20) Add Invoice Weight DAX Calculated Column in the Header Table using SUMX & RELATEDTABLE & RELATED DAX Functions

8. (11:00) DAX Calculated Column for Line Discount using multiplication and DAX RELATED Function

9. (11:30) ) DAX Calculated Column for Line Shipping using multiplication & three DAX RELATED Functions in the same formula!!!

10. (12:40) The different Power BI Icons for Measure & Calculated Columns as compared to Excel Power Pivot.

11. (12:57) Create Measures in Power BI Desktop. Measures for Total Discount & Shipping

12. (14:27) Hide Tables and Columns so they are hidden in Report View

13. (15:33) Create Interactive Visualization for Discount & Shipping by Product.

14. (17:40) Summary


Download “Excel Magic Trick 1491-1500” Excel-Magic-Trick-1491-1500.zip – Downloaded 474 times – 10 MB

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