Excel VBA Creating Outlook Emails

Excel VBA Introduction Part 29 – Creating Outlook Emails


Writing VBA code in Excel doesn’t only allow you to control Excel, you also have access to all of the other Office applications. This video looks at how to create emails in Microsoft Outlook by writing code in Excel. You’ll learn how to reference the Outlook Object Library, several methods for creating a new instance of the Outlook application and how to create new emails. You’ll see how to set basic properties of an email, such as the address and subject and also how to add attachments and make sure that the email includes a signature. The video spends a lot of time talking about the different email formats and how to set the body text of the email according to which format you’ve chosen; this includes how to write plain text emails, and how to construct basic HTML emails including how to format them. Towards the end the video also shows how to write emails using the Word Editor, allowing you to copy and paste information directly from Excel.

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