Excel VBA Selecting Cells

Excel VBA Introduction Part 5 – Selecting Cells (Range, Cells, Activecell, End, Offset)


You won’t get far in Excel VBA without understanding how to refer to cells! This fairly long video covers most of the common, and some uncommon, techniques for selecting and referring to cells. You’ll learn how to select cells by cell reference using the Range property, how to refer to cells by row and column number using the Cells property, and how to refer to the currently selected cell using the Activecell property. We also cover how to select multiple cells and how to refer to range names as well as a variety of relative selection tricks such as using the End property to jump to the bottom of a list, using the Offset property to move a specific number of rows and columns, and how to select an entire region of data with one simple instruction. Along the way you’ll also learn several techniques for formatting and modifying cells, as well as how to copy and paste data in VBA.

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