Fill Blank Cells in a Row or Column

00In this example we have a table of data listing each persons sales per quarter.
What we want to do is add text “NO NAME” to the rows that no longer contain a name in column A without having to go down this list and type each one individually.
The example shows filling only four blank cells which you can easily do without any excel tricks, however this trick comes into it’s own when you have thousands of rows of data and you want to fill all the blank cells.

To do this:

1. Select the range of cells.
2. Press F5 or Ctrl + G
3. Click Special in the Dialog Box.
4. Select Blanks and click OK.
5. Click in the Formula Bar and type the data you want to add to the cells. In this example we will add the text “NO NAME”
6. Once you finish press hold the Ctrl key and press Enter. (If you press Enter without holding the Ctrl key the text will only be entered into the active cell)

Fill Blank Cells in a Row or Column

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