Hide / Unhide Worksheets

When you are working with an Excel workbook you may have a worksheet you use as a reference to fill data into other sheets within the workbook. The data in this workbook may be essential for data in other worksheets therefor you will want to protect or even hide this worksheet from other users.

There are two main ways of hiding a worksheet and we will explain both methods in detail.

Hide/Unhide Worksheet

  • This is the quickest and most common way to hide a worksheet.

    Open the Excel workbook.
    Right click on the worksheet you want to hide.
    Select Hide from the menu.
    Hide Sheet Tabs1

    The worksheet is now hidden from view.
    Hide Sheet Tabs2

  • Open the Excel workbook.
    Right Click on any sheet tab.
    Select Unhide from the menu.
    Hide Sheet Tabs3

    Select the worksheet you want to unhide from the dialog box.
    Hide Sheet Tabs4

    The worksheet is now unhidden.
    Hide Sheet Tabs5

Worksheet Very Hidden

  • If the data in the hidden sheet is confidential or critical to other links within the workbook and just simply hiding the worksheet as described above may not be secure enough.

    A more secure approach to hide a worksheet is through setting the sheet properties to "xlSheetVeryHidden".
    Here are the steps:

  • Open the Excel workbook.
    Right Click on any sheet tab.
    Select View Code.
    Hide Sheet Tabs6

  • The VBA window will open and you will see a list of worksheets on the left.
    Select the worksheet you want to hide.
    Hide Sheet Tabs7

  • Click on the View Properties command in the ribbon.
    The Worksheet Properties box will appear on the bottom left of the screen.
    Hide Sheet Tabs8

  • In the Worksheet Properties box next to Visible select 2 - xlsheetveryhidden.
    Hide Sheet Tabs9

    After you select 2 - xlsheetveryhidden from the menu the tab will jump to another worksheet selection which may make you think your selection was not accepted.
    Click back on to the sheet you have hidden and check that the visible properties have been changed to 2 - xlsheetveryhidden.
    Hide Sheet Tabs10

  • Click the File tab.
    Select Close and Return to Microsoft Excel.
    Hide Sheet Tabs11

    Right click on any sheet tab and you will notice that the Unhide option is disabled.
    Hide Sheet Tabs12
    If you have other worksheets in the workbook that are simply just hidden the Unhide option will be available but the worksheet that you have veryhidden will not appear in the dialog box.

  • To Unhide worksheets you have set to veryhidden repeat steps 1 to 5 and set the Visible property back to -1 - xlsheetvisible.