Highlight Duplicate Values

Highlight Duplicate Values In Less Than 20 Seconds

In this example I will show you how to highlight duplicate values in a column or row in less than 20 seconds.

Here we have a list of names in Column A which contains some duplicate values.
Highlight Duplicate Values1
The duplicate value are not easily recognisable but if you add some conditional formatting to the column all the duplicate values can easily be seen. To do this…..

Step 1

Highlight the range of cells that contain the data.
Highlight Duplicate Values2

Step 2

In the Home tab select Conditional Formatting >>> HighLight Cells Rules >>> Duplicate Values
Highlight Duplicate Values3

Step 3

Select from the dropdown bar whether you want to highlight Duplicate or Unique values in the range.
If required you can customise the text displayed.
Highlight Duplicate Values4
Click OK.

All duplicate values in the range will now be highlighted.
Highlight Duplicate Values5

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