Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 08

Excel Table Formula Nomenclature / Structured References 22 Ex.


  • (00:48) Excel Table feature works for Proper Data Sets.
    (01:16) Single cell, then keyboard to convert proper data set to Excel Table: Ctrl + T ("List" in Excel 2003 use Ctrl + L).
    (01:50) TableTools, Design Ribbon Tab, Properties group, Table Name: "NoSpacesInName".
    (02:17) Formatting, Sorting, Filtering.
    (02:36) Total Row, Right-click, Ribbon and Keyboard for Total Row!!!!
    (3:33) Keyboard for Total Row.
    (04:20) Slicer Formula Tricks.
    (06:56) SQUARE BRACKETS are used for Field Names in Table Formula Nomenclature (Structured References).
    (07:33) Dynamic/Expandable ranges for: Formulas.
    (08:01) You can create formula first, then convert proper data set to Excel Table.
    (09:20) Or use Table Formula Nomenclature (Structured References).
    (09:20) Table names and field names in square brackets.
    (10:02) Dynamic/Expandable ranges for: Chart.
    (12:06) Dynamic/Expandable ranges for: Data Validation List.
    (13:09) Dynamic/Expandable ranges for: VLOOKUP table.
    (14:34) Dynamic/Expandable ranges for: PivotTables.
    (16:28) Tables Names in Name Manager.
    (16:59) Can type formulas on different sheets. When typing formula, list of field names & other elements from table show up in a drop-down list.
    (17:40) Easy to read formulas.
    (20:58) To lock a field you can use the syntax: [[Field]:[Field]].