Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 11

Calculations With OR Criteria: COUNTIFS, DCOUNTA, SUMIFS, DSUM


  • (00:12) OR Criteria.
    (00:55) OR Criteria for counting with 2 COUNTIFS.
    (03:40) OR Criteria that does counts and yields incorrect answer (don't double count).
    (04:30) OR Criteria for counting with DCOUNTA.
    (06:49) OR Criteria for adding with 2 SUMIFS.
    (08:23) OR Criteria for adding with DSUM.
    (10:10) Many OR Criteria adding, long method where you helper cells to make intermediate steps.
    (10:43) Many OR Criteria adding: DSUM function.
    (12:57) Many OR Criteria adding: SUMIFS and a function argument array operation and the SUMPRODUCT function.
    (17:26) Many Or Criteria for a proper data set: DCOUNTA for counting and DSUM for adding.
    (19:06) OR and AND Criteria for a adding in Cross Tabulated Table: SUMIFS, a function argument array operation, the SUMPRODUCT function and Mixed Cell References.