Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 15

IF & IS Functions To Deliver Numbers, Text, Formulas, Nested IFs


  • (00:33) IF Function to deliver numbers.
    (01:37) IF Function to deliver text.
    (03:19) IF Function to deliver formulas.
    (05:19) IF Function to deliver functions.
    (07:51) Nested IFs.
    (10:24) Null Text String, LEN function and ISTEXT function.
    (12:23) Checkbook example 1: IF functions, Null Text String and equal comparative operator.
    (17:27) Checkbook example 2: IF functions, Null Text String and NOT comparative operator.
    (18:17) Examples of IS functions in Excel: ISTEXT function, ISNUMBER function, ISLOGICAL function, ISBLANK function, ISERROR function, ISERR function, ISNA function, ISNONTEXT function, ISFORMULA.
    (19:30) Checkbook example 4: IF functions, ISBLANK function.
    (20:42) Checkbook example 5: IF functions, ISNUMBER function.
    (20:21) Checkbook example 6: IF functions, ISTEXT function.
    (22:21) Baseball data Set example IF function and COUNTIFS function.