Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 29

Flash Fill: Extract, Combine, Insert, Reverse Data (25 Example)


Topics in this video:
1. Extract First Name.
2. Extract Last Name.
3. Formulas or Flash Fill?.
4. Extract First and Last Initial.
5. Flash Fill Keyboard: Ctrl + E.
6. Reverse Text.
7. Reverse and Insert.
8. Change Case.
9. Combine (Concatenate).
10. Avoid empty cells.
11. First & Last Initial and avoid empty cell.
12. First & Middle Name in columns here some names don’t have a middle and some middle initials have periods.
13. From Serial Date extract Year.
14. From Serial Date extract Day.
15. From Serial Date extract Month.
16. From Serial Date with lead zero extract Day.
17. From Serial Date with lead zero extract Month.
18. Extract Date from number, no-pre-format.
19. Extract Date from number, with-pre-format.
20. Insert text to properly format phone number.
21. Insert text to properly format Student ID.
22. From Money, extract Integer.
23. From Money, extract Decimal.
24. From Money, extract Dollar and add Currency Number Format.
25. Extract Hour from Serial Number Time.
26. Extract Minute from Serial Number Time.
27. Extract Last Choice.


Download “Highline Excel 2013 Workbooks” Highline-Excel-2013-Video-Workbooks.zip – Downloaded 534 times – 21 MB

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