Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 30

Custom Number Formatting & Text Functions, (33 Examples)


Topics in this video:
1. 23 Examples of Custom Number Formatting.
2. Custom Number Formatting For Unit Price for Invoice.
3. Three TEXT function examples for creating labels.
4. Extract First Name formula using LEFT and SEARCH.
5. LEN function.
6. Extract Last Name formula using REPLACE and SEARCH functions.
7. Extract Last Name formula using SUBSTITUTE function.
8. Create e-mail address from employee names using LOWER, LEFT, SEARCH, REPLACE functions.
9. Flash Fill to create e-mail address from employee names.
10. TEXT function to create time from Text Time Items and the backslash character to insert a character into a Custom Number formatting.
11. Flash Fill to create time from Text Time Items.


Download “Highline Excel 2013 Workbooks” Highline-Excel-2013-Video-Workbooks.zip – Downloaded 524 times – 21 MB

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