Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 33

Sorting In Excel. Excel Sort (13 Examples)


Topics in this video:
1. Most sorting is done on a Proper Data Set.
2. Click in single cell and use Sort Button.
3. Whole data set is sorted, not just selected column.
4. Sort upon more than 1 column.
5. Sorting can be done on a set that does not have a field name.
6. Sort Hierarchy:
1. Numbers
2. Text/words (including Null Text Strings)
5. Errors (in the order they occur)
6. Empty Cells (Empty Cells are always sorted to the bottom whether or not you do A to Z or Z to A).
ASCII Characters. Example C = 67 and c = 99.
7. Empty always goes to bottom (A to Z or Z to A).
8. Errors sort to top if you use Z to A (Descending).
9. Use extra column with RAND() to sort randomly.
10. Formula To Extract Random Sorted List of Names.
11. Sort Horizontally.
12. Sort by colour.
13. Change Major sort, or change which sort gets applied first.
14. In order to use the Subtotal feature, you must Sort FIRST.


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