Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 34

Excel Subtotals, Add Subtotals based on One or Two Columns


Topics in this video:
1. Subtotals.
2. Alternatives to Subtotal: SUMIFS Formulas and PivotTables.
3. Sort First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Add Subtotals based on One Column (Field).
5. Outline.
6. Copy and Paste Subtotal Report Trouble.
7. Select Visible Cells Only, then Copy and Paste Subtotal Report.
8. Go To dialog Box.
9. Select Visible Cells Only Keyboard: Alt + ;
10. Revert Subtotals back to original data set.
11. Add Subtotals based on Two Columns (Fields).


Download “Highline Excel 2013 Workbooks” Highline-Excel-2013-Video-Workbooks.zip – Downloaded 524 times – 21 MB

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